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    "Um... the previous one is for trading, so we need to go to the center, because this is the rule, if we don't trade, they won't increase the computing power." Lanning Xiaoxi said, agreeing with Then, Vuong Han continued to say: "Even if you are used by others in the future, you will be despised by others, but other than this point, there is no major negative effect, Isn't it just being rejected by others? coping is just thinking in your heart that everyone is a brain If there is a problem, I can only be smart. In fact, in this choice, you need to apply for a license to use source quality. Only after you have this certificate can you do everything yourself and you can use it yourself.

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    Wu Yi was thinking here, that Nuo Qianjin was continuing to complain about some things related to Wang Han, "How slow is our cultivation speed really? Compared to the people around us, we is it a salty fish? Is it really incapable of Everything? That's the truth. We've got the seventh heaven on our side with humanity, and we've got incredible fighting power in those around us. around us. This kind of fighting power is not at its peak. But already among humans, you don't have to worry about any danger, and it is already a perfect fighting situation, he just I've only been walking for more than 30 years, right? Level nine, it's still a long way to reach level nine. After coming here, I found out that level nine is only a hundred years old. Coming here for the first time was really uncomfortable, feeling like a giant. In the middle of the human world, sentient beings suddenly become like ants, living in a giant city, the feeling of resting at night, everywhere is filled with horror, it is really scary! But so what? In two hundred years past, weren't we in a hurry to cultivate ourselves to the highest level? 500 years? Not to mention we can do bad things at will in the city, but if we don't cause trouble then there will definitely be no problem... So in short, we are still very good, and we can eat anywhere there is food. People! But...but compared to him..."

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    Until everything suddenly changed at some point! During a normal walk, Vuong Han suddenly discovered that at the end of his vision there was something lying on the ground, his eyes stiffened, and he even glanced at Manh Manh next to him.

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    Some teachers walked home and said emotionally: "We have not experienced this feeling of being abandoned for many years. Many people from our side came to the students' dormitory at the same time. I couldn't even get into this student's dormitory, which really made me feel unbelievable."

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    This does not mean that they have completely given up cultivating, but rather that they are overwhelmed, and the feeling that no matter how much they practice, they cannot catch up with Qianqian is still a big blow to them, because So they have been together for more than a thousand years. When their cultivation was able to live well in Van Co Tri, they gradually slowed down their cultivation speed, allowing themselves to gradually integrate into life in Van Co Tri. Dam, at the same time they later enjoyed this kind of life in the Van Co tank. No... During the daily conversation, when they were still discussing the taste of the small shop in Wangu Lake, Qian Qian came back here and after some exchanges, they realized that the fighting power of Qian Qian was beyond ten thousand After that, it was all a state of confusion.

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    Vuong Han was stunned. Lucy Nian supplemented Zi Yi's words and said somewhat movedly: "So we have all wanted to become the owners of the center for so many years, but the difficulty is not ordinary, the center is only is a wish." to talk to us but cannot directly acknowledge us, so we initially had a competitive relationship, and there was a wall in between, but gradually we also turned enemies into friends, and directly next opened a slot in the wall for convenience. The communication between the two of us, so that if we discovered something, we could contact each other immediately, but no matter how hard we tried, we also cannot understand what the center is, let alone the origin. There are some deeper things about quality, so it's very difficult for us to be masters of the center, and naturally we're not closer to the original quality."

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    And my soul has two lines, one is the life stone, the other is my own outline. The life stone was exchanged for me by Lanning Xiaoxi's father the day after tomorrow, but the outline of the soul is what I was born with. Some of them come from this world layer, and similar soul outlines in this world layer come from the spontaneous superposition of source quality, which is a natural product. So I want to thoroughly understand how Will it take a long time to figure all this out? There are more and more difficult problems. Luckily, my computing ability hasn't reached the so-called bottleneck yet and I can keep going up, so I don't need to worry too much about spending too much time due to not enough computing power.” I have been thinking a lot about similar things, not everyone is willing to study such complex causes, most of them can produce an effect. Most students in Phac Can Liet University are the same, after learning how to use source quality, then making weapons that can explode, it will be fine, then the R rating will also be effective. similar. It's not that these students don't have good minds, it's that this kind of thing is too nerve-wracking. Normally, people with some self-awareness who want to live a good life wouldn't do this, after all, it's just life. One is in the room. There is no day for suffering, one is to make quick money in a luxurious way, and the latter must be more acceptable. Life doesn't mean you have to work hard to live, and different people live in different ways. Okay, as for this month's overall progress, I'm satisfied." A needle appeared from Vuong Han's palm, the total length of the steel needle was just over 30cm, and the thickness was only about three feet. li, it was a special weapon with deterrent properties, but under his easy control, the invisible thought wire was divided into two, and the steel needle was also divided in half, the overall length remained the same old, but the thickness was reduced by half, this was not over yet, several times in a row, 128 needles appeared in Vuong Han's hand. At this time, the steel needles were very delicate and difficult to detect, if not looked closely. It can be said that there is still some dust floating in the air. Under easy control, the speed and penetration force of all steel needles have also increased a lot compared to before, at least twice as high. three times, but this is not the limit, simply a display, for Wang Han, this is like touching Like touching the head of his own dog, it is a daily pastime.

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    “There is a line I can cross, but if there is a railing, I will be blocked.” Vuong Han thought for a moment and tried to answer: "Except the barrier."

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    But when Vuong Han and Manh Manh discovered this thing lying on the ground, the expressions on the master and servant's faces were really only serious and worried.

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    Hagirian is a relatively unfamiliar name, or to everyone around Vuong Han, such a name belongs to an existence that doesn't have much of an impression, but to Vuong Han, the four words Hagirian , I'm afraid it's already a deeply engraved existence. engraved deeply in his mind. Even though the time between the two of you is not long, even the relationship between the two of you may not be that close, but I really remember that day. In order to save himself and then sacrifice himself for the cause of the change in Heavenly Seal, Vuong Han's heart tightened more and more. If he had not experienced it himself, it would be difficult to imagine the feeling of being oppressed. No matter how uncomfortable it is to the heart, this feeling is hard to bear.

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    “This teacher, he is so smart.” Vuong Han couldn't help but applaud, continuing to look around, "I have a very simple and simple idea. If the teachers are interested, we can continue to work on this problem, sir." The first time I lost 10,000 calculation ability points to me, so if I fail this time, I don't want 10,000 calculation ability points. You can do everything you can to continue to discredit me, and I will too. I'm a very easy person to talk to, and I won't show any grudges in this kind of thing."

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    “Relevant, now that you recall, are the outlines of each Life Stone different?” A-3 asked.

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    Speaking of this, Lanning Xiaoxi suddenly raised her head to look at the virtual beast floating in front of her, using her big, piercing eyes to look at Vuong Han. While I was a little embarrassed, Lanning Xiaoxi immediately said: "You are now mine. zx1 weapons! Yes... they are also virtual beasts, but you have a way to use computing power, then you are now zx1's weapon! And if you become stronger in the future, You can become the super existence of zx2 and even later zx9!"

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    Okay, okay, I've said it all, I've mumbled, I've said too much, this is for you, if you tell anyone else, I will definitely laugh with you. I nodded repeatedly, then wanted to quickly leave this place, what a crazy idea, such nonsense! Then you should discover the quality of the source yourself in the future, anyway... ...Anyway, let's start the battle for medals, which is definitely right, moreover the current realm of We are still relatively low, different realms have different opinions. From my point of view, this realm is no problem, but when we reach the next realm, it will be completely different.” There is no right or wrong, this is progress."

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    "I think you seem very surprised." Lanning Xiaoxi looked at Vuong Han suspiciously. Along the way, Vuong Han looked back and forth in surprise, like a child...

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    In this way, it is understandable why Wang Han was a little discouraged.

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    "Okay, you can go. I can still handle things in the courtyard. But before that, I have one last question." Porphyrin looked at Vuong Han respectfully, "Teacher, next time you go to open points, won't you leave a mark in the sky and look back?"

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    "This person is so straightforward!" Master Nhan Nhan looked at Vuong Han's calm appearance, but he was really not calm, "But this person is also really arrogant. Does this Lanning Vuong Han really want to directly evaluate two badges of different levels? You Do you really think it can be done easily? How old is he this year? When I reached the S-level medal, I was over 300 years old, so this Lanning Wanghan definitely can't do it!"

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    Hearing the old monster's words, the little monster who was still very arrogant just now didn't dare to move when he wanted to go out. His heart was extremely excited and he asked directly: "He is so cruel to us." , Don't we have countermeasures? Is it possible that none of us can deal with him? Is it impossible for a large race like us to be directly suppressed by such a person? we?! This… a bit of dignity as a monster is gone!”